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Fair Ride

The Rock O Plane amusement ride from Party Rentals Orlando and Xtreme Entertainment is like a ferris wheel with cages that guests can rock back and forth as the ride spins!

A favorite of Xtreme Entertainments amusement rides,As the ride builds momentum the cages can flip upside-down and end-over-end.

There is also a wheel inside that participants can use to lock the seat and prevent it from rocking. This can be used to make the ride less scary by ensuring that the seats don't rock too much; OR to make it more intense by locking the seats at crucial points in the ride's revolution, causing the seats to flip upside down and spin erratically.

The minimum rider height requirement is 36 inches.

Includes Operator

Some carnival rides are seasonal

Xtreme Entertainment's carnival rentals are perfect for larger social gatherings such as Community events and large company events.

Phone: 407-284-1635

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