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Themed Events

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  • Bull Head Decor

    Bull Head Decor

    Includes 2 Bull/Cow heads, 2 lassos and two Hay Bales FOR MORE INFORMATION Phone: 407-284-1635 RENTALS@PARTY-RENTALS-ORLANDO.COM

  • Champagne Dress Champagne Dress

    Champagne Dress

    A woman wearing our Champagne Dress from Party Rentals Orlando and Xtreme Entertainment strolls around your event serving up to 144 beverages or dessert shots. Your guests will love it as they self-serve directly off her gown! Glamorous, unique and...

  • Cowboy Stilt Walkers

    Cowboy Stilt Walkers

    Greet your guests with Cowboy stilt walkers and you will create a buzz of excitement and an uproar of cameras and phones as your guests photograph themselves with the stilt walker and talk about it with their friends. Stilts are great when trying to...

  • Decor Packages Carnival Decor

    Decor Packages

    We offer a wide array of Themes such as:Roaring 20's50's80's CasinoWesternEgyptianKey West/BeachMilitaryCircus/CarnivalParisChristmas4th of JulySafariHollywoodLuauMardi GrasMexicanHavana NightsPiratesSuper HeroWizard of OzAnd much more....Customized...

  • Fire Performer Fire Performer

    Fire Performer

    Our Fire Performer has been electrifying audiences with her fire act for over 15 years. Her fire manipulation act is not only captivating, soulful and enthralling, it will keep you clapping, cheering and on the edge of your seat as she defies logic and...

  • Inflatable SnowGlobe Giant Human Snow Globe

    Giant Human Snow Globe

    The Giant Inflatable Human Snow Globe from Party Rentals Orlando and Xtreme Entertainment allows your guests to be inside and part of a one of a kind holiday, seasonal or special event scene!  Our Giant Snow Globe is sure to get people talking about...

  • Holiday Characters Holiday Characters

    Holiday Characters

    Be sure to add your favorite Holiday Character to your next event. We offer all different characters such a Christmas mouse, Rudolph, Frosty the Snowman, Holiday Stilt walkers and much more. Be sure to watch the video below to see some out outstanding...

  • Hologram POI Entertainers Hologram POI Entertainers

    Hologram POI Entertainers

    Ever wanted to get your message across in a unique and attractive way. Hologram POI sticks will wow your customers or guest. We can upload any logos, images or live people! This past year we have performed for Jet Blue, Microsoft and PNC Bank...

  • Horse Drawn Carriage Ride Horse Drawn Carriage Ride

    Horse Drawn Carriage Ride

    Our Horse Drawn Carriage Ride from Party Rentals Orlando and Xtreme Entertainment will delight of your guests when they enjoy elegant carriage rides around your special event. Xtreme Entertainment's Horse Drawn Carriage Ride is available for all...

  • Ice Sculptor Ice Sculptor

    Ice Sculptor

    Professional Ice Sculptors from Party Rentals Orlando and Xtreme Entertainment use chainsaws and many other power tools to create an interactive show for your guests.  Xtreme Entertainment's Ice Sculptors are multi-talented and can sculpt just about...

  • Living Statues Living Statues

    Living Statues

    Living Statues Living Statues are an enchanting addition for any occasion, perfect for: weddings, parties, corporate events, theme nights. Living Statues date back to medieval times and in the past have only existed in America in the streets of New...

  • Living Tables Living Tables

    Living Tables

    Our Living Tables from Party Rentals Orlando and Xtreme Entertainment make a great impression as they stroll amongst your guest serving appetizers or special drinks.  Entertaining servers stand in the middle of a table to serve and entertain your...