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Bungee Jumps & Runs

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  • Bungee Jumps Bungee Jumps

    Bungee Jumps

    Our Power Jump Trampoline system enables a person to jump over 2 stories high (20 to 26Ft) into the air and perform gravity defying maneuvers, like flips and somersaults that will make even a gymnast grin with envy. We have several unit to choose from to...

  • Bungee Run Triple Lane Bungee Run Triple Lane

    Bungee Run Triple Lane

    Our Triple Lane Bungee Run from Party Rentals Orlando and Xtreme Entertainment is a huge inflatable with 3 tracks to race against your friends while attached to a bungee cord that is trying to keep you from placing your baton to win! You and a 2 other...