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Criss Cross Collision

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Criss Cross Collision

With Criss Cross Collision from Party Rentals Orlando and Xtreme Entertainment participants in Bumper Balls race their opponent through the obstacle course to see who can reach the end of their track first.

Sounds simple but Watch Out! Just when you think you have made it to the end of the Criss Cross Collision you come across an intersection where your opponent can run you right off the course!

The Criss Cross Collision will be a hit at your next event!

NOTE: We no longer use the Inflatable Balls due to insurance regulations. We now use Bumper balls. See second picture.

Dimensions: 75'x30'x10'

Safety and Setup Area Information

  • A clear path must be prepared before delivery for our crew to access setup area according to rental unit dimensions.
  • A setup area free of debris, sharp objects, trash, pet feces, toys, or any other obstructions that may damage the inflatable during operation.
  • A setup area with no obstructions in any direction 1.5 times the height of the inflatable.
  • A electrical source with the power capability of 10amps dedicated circuit with GFCI within 100' of setup area (Generator is needed if this is not accessible).
  • An inflatable will not be setup in extreme weather conditions such as freezing temperatures, thunderstorms, or 25+ mph winds

Xtreme Entertainment's Criss Cross Collision will be the star attraction at your college Event, Homecoming, Fraternity Party, Festival, Summer Camp, and Theme Party; High School Project Graduation, Post Prom and Functions; and Corporate Events including Holiday Parties, Company Outings, Sales Meetings, Promotions, Product Launches and Openings.

Phone: 407-284-1635