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Arctic Thunder Arcade Game

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Arctic Thunder Arcade Game

The Arctic Thunder arcade game from Party Rentals Orlando and Xtreme Entertainment is a snowmobile racing game full of over-the-top, adrenaline-inducing action. With exhilarating tracks and powerful sleds, the gameplay offers many levels of depth for both novice and seasoned players.

Arctic Thunder features six adrenaline charged junkies with the desire to win and look good doing it. Each character features unique attributes, personalities and sleds as well as the ability to pull off some of the wildest stunts ever.

Sleds also have the boost ability to allow for a rapid get away. A hidden feature allows you to select any character for any sled, further adding to game depth.

The six exhilarating point-to-point game tracks possess custom stories and settings. With each track you're thrust into a glacial universe packed full of heart-stopping jumps, hair-raising free falls and secret shortcuts. They range from a fantasy-like journey through a lost Himalayan city to a nail-biting blizzard in our nation's capital. Scattered amongst each of these soaring tracks are power-up icons that can add a whole new dimension to your game.

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