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50 Foot Putting Challenge

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50 Foot Putting Challenge

Want to create some excitement at your next event? Why not have a putting challenge? Our 50 Foot Putting Challenge from Party Rentals Orlando and Xtreme Entertainment is a great fundraising activity to hold prior to your event.

Most events will have golfers pay an entry fee to the contest. Hold a qualifying round and then have the closest putts advance to the finals where they compete for the putting contest grand prize.

Putting contests are also an excellent sponsorship opportunity. You should consider inviting your sponsor to participate in the putting contest by helping measure the putts - this provides added recognition for the sponsor.

A putting contest is one of those types of hole-in-one insurance in which individuals will definitely take on others to prove their skill on the putting green. There are many ways that you can set up this type of contest and use it to draw in visitors to your event.

Grand Prize Insurance Information:

The golfer that makes the putt, at the specified distance, wins a set amount of money, such as $1000, $5000 0r $10,000.

The good news is that we can secure contest insurance so you do not have to pay out that money. If someone does hit the putt, the check is written to them by Insurance Company. You pay a small fee for using the insurance protection.

Best of all, the profits from the event, and the fame for having such a lucrative putting contest are all yours to enjoy.

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